Our Story

Our story began on a family outing on a cool sunny November day in 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia. We attended a local community event that donated food to the homeless for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. There were arts & crafts, food, live bands and many contest. One of the contest was a "Popsicle Eating" contest. The event organizers promoted the popsicles were made with all-natural ingredients so my wife and I decided it was safe for the children to eat so we entered 3 of our 4 children (our oldest child was away in college) into the contest. Surprisingly, our oldest son won the contest! Afterwards, my wife and I tried the all-natural popsicles and were very impressed with the taste and the concept. We are always looking for a fun and healthy snack alternative for our children to enjoy, but as you know there are not that many options available. We were so impressed with the health and nutritional value of the popsicles we decided to start our very own popsicle business.